The Journey Begins

Day One of production

Day One of this incredible journey is officially in the books.

It's hard to believe, but after months of writing and planning, of daydreaming and brainstorming, of shot-listing and set building, yesterday marked the official start of production for OF DUST AND BONES.

As you may know, this was my first time crowdfunding a film -- which made for a nerve-wracking start to an already anxiety-inducing process. In my experience, every film I've worked on has laid claim to a piece of my heart, and in turn put that piece on display to the world. And now here I and the rest of my production team were, putting the collective pieces of our souls on display and asking friends, family, and strangers for support in our vision -- and all before even getting started.

But watching this community grow has truly made this film what it is. Every member of our cast and crew is here out of passion for the project, and your support fuels that fire -- even on the coldest desert nights!

Over the past few weeks, our army of producers, production designers, cinematographers, and more have been working tirelessly to bring all the pieces of this picture (no pun intended) together. It is no understatement to say that the result has been magical. We watched a colorful and warm desert home transform into a spartan and cold desert hideaway. We location scouted through the Yucca Valley for just the right spot for Clio's stone 'cathedrals' and are incredibly excited about how it turned out.

Day One of production was a whirlwind of familiar faces and new additions to the team. The feeling in the camp was electric, with a united current of determination and excitement running through every person on set.

I've included some photos to give you a glimpse into our day -- for additional behind the scenes shots as production rolls on, keep an eye on our Instagram and Twitter (#OfDust).


Huge gratitude
xo Diane

Testing out the car rig