The film was developed by Diane with these actors in mind, and the roles were created specifically for them, playing to their strengths: 



Gaynor, who resides in London, played the lead in OBSELIDIA, for which she received unanimous critical praise.  Other roles have included ongoing parts in the UK TV series Waterloo Road and Bad Girls, as well as parts in numerous theatrical productions.











Michael, an Australian actor, played the lead in OBSELIDIA. He starred in the Aussie soap, Home and Away, and has appeared in films as diverse as Gabriel, Perfection and Prescient, as well as numerous theatrical productions. TV credits include 90210 and Mcleod’s Daughters. He recently starred in the critically acclaimed short, AFTER WE REST, and has an upcoming project, written and directed by musician/producer, Danger Mouse. His voice work includes, The Neighbors (ABC), Call of Duty and a short commissioned by O’Neill, directed by Andreas Roth.








As well as being a gifted actor who recently starred opposite Christopher Walken and David Spade (in JOE DIRT), David is an award winning photographer.  Born in the midwest, he studied theatre at Indiana University.  He is currently prepping his debut feature as writer/director, THE MONARCH OF CRYSTAL FALLS which will star Allison Janney.